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Why Buy Illusion Fancy Shape Jewellery?


I would like to inform you that we are manufacturing VALUE FOR MONEY jewelries. First of all we have started our solitaire diamond business before 25 years in ROUND shapes. Then we shifted to FANCY SHAPE solitaire diamond before 12 years as it is nearly 40% to 50% cheaper then ROUND diamonds even if we buy same size, same color, same clarity & same certificate also. FANCY SHAPE is cheaper because Rapaport of FANCY SHAPE is cheap. Why its cheap no one have answer.  

Now I am introducing jewelry which is 80% to 85% cheaper even then the FANCY SHAPE solitaire diamond with same diameter & with nearly same look also. Because our slogan is “WE VALUE YOUR MONEY” as everyone in this market situation have to work with customer’s budget. Just take your time to read it full so you can also not miss this business opportunity.

We have given the name “ILLUSION DIAMOND JEWELLERIES”. It comes mainly in EMERALD SHAPE, HEART SHAPE, SQ. EMERALD SHAPE, ROUND SHAPE & STAR CUT. If we talk about EMERALD SHAPE, we cut specially total 9 stones & then we match all 9 stones to make Look of 1 pic of EMERALD SHAPE solitaire diamond with “Exclusive Invisible Setting”. Believe me it looks nearly same & its really very new concept. Then we have to fix all 9 stones to make beautiful designed jewelry with most difficult & “Exclusive Invisible Setting”. All this difficult part is done by us & then we are giving you ready made jewelry with full description and unbelievable price specially. If you want IGI certificate of jewelry then also we can provide you with GH color & VVS to VS clarity.

Believe me its really most difficult job to do as to make 1 pic of EMERALD SHAPE we have to take care of 9 stone with 32 corners & there are most chance of getting broken while cutting diamonds & Setting in jewellery. But now we are good doing it.

You can check about these ILLUSION JEWELLERIES on our website also www.everestdiam.com which is most easy way to communicate, on which you will get Images & videos of Jewelleries, Weight & quality of  Diamonds we used, Weight of Gold we Used, Look of Solitair Diamond, Colour, Clarity, Prices in USD & Indian Rs. With full details.

We can take orders also, we can use your design & your small size diamonds also if you want. We are flexible with it. You can even give us order from the jewelleries we sold in past which is also uploaded on our website with all above details. If you still need Excel file then we can provide you on demand. Our Target is to supply our customers BEST VALUE FOR MONEY JEWELLERIES with Best possible service.

If you have any queries then you can contact us regarding above business opportunity.

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